Maximise your startups' potential
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A guide for tech entrepreneurs

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  About the Rosecut Whitepaper


Our whitepaper has been lovingly created for any tech entrepreneurs out there following their passion and building a business from scratch. Trust us, we know it is no easy task!

We understand that starting out involves significant sacrifice, which is why we've made this guide on maximising the potential of a startup with a personal exit strategy.

Let's take a look at some of the key points we will cover in this guide, which you can easily apply to your own business and personal finances.


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              The Problems


Every entrepreneur will usually end up facing similar
challenges along the way. We break down the common
problems you as a business owner will face, such as:

  • Personal Cashflow

  • Lack of Liquidity

  • Laser Focus

  • High Risk/High Reward Mindset


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              The Worst Case Scenario


Sometimes mistakes are made and things just don't
work out. A business can go under regardless of how
good a product or service they provide.

Your personal commitments and obligations also cost
money, and this can be a big problem if your only
financial asset and income source goes up in smoke.

These problems can become a deal breaker for any
new business, which is why we outline what could
happen in the worst case scenario.


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              The Solution


So we've covered the problems and worst-case
scenarios, now what exactly is the solution?

We take a look at some of the following ways you can
tackle any pain points you face as a business owner:

  • Determine Your Objectives

  • Calculate Your Monthly Contribution

  • Choose Your Investment Strategy


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              The Impact on Your Company


After outlining how valuable this strategy can be for
your personal life, we also look how at how important
this could also be for your company's future.

The overarching benefit of building up an investment
safety net is that it gives you options and keeps you in
control. 'Playing it safe' may not be the best approach.
We break down the impact on your company.

  • Maximum Risk for Maximum Reward

  • Allows You to Start Again


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              Your Action Items


Finally we give you a handy checklist of action items
to follow and apply to your own business, in our
'12-point plan'. So what are you waiting for? 

Download our whitepaper today by completing the
short form below and start creating an exit strategy,
for you and your business.


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“We created this whitepaper to help lighten the load for tech entrepreneurs and other small business owners, who are often time-poor and overly stretched from running their company."

Qiaojia Li, Co-Founder and CEO at Rosecut Technologies

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